Bio Photo of Jurgen Schwarze

Jürgen Schwarze

Data Systems Manager

Nickname – “Jürg”

Attended USC as a Music Performance Major
Certificate in Composing and Arranging
Military Leadership Development
Non-Commissioned Officers Academy
Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Academy
Chief’s Executive Course (a course for Chief Master Sergeants only)

“Problem Solving is Opportunity Creating”


– Anonymous

Jurgen Schwarze Family

What do you like about working at Bridge?
I love working with my colleagues. I enjoy the ownership I have with my position – lots of opportunity

What’s your background?
Married 34 years
5 adult children, 2 grandchildren

What are the Bridge Advisory Core Values that drive you?
I find the “Core Values” at Bridge Advisory very similar to that of the Air Force – “Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All You Do”
Fundamentally everything I do is “Client Experience” driven and to that end a mentality of servant-ship toward my colleagues, vendors and clients drives me to perform at my best in pursuit of excellence, communicate as straightforward as possible while being thoughtful and thorough. Accountability and resolve are key for me to maintain forward momentum with my responsibilities at Bridge Advisory.

Your top three favorite Podcasts/Books?
Extreme Ownership, 360-degree Leader, Battlefield Leadership

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
Being with family, Grilling and BBQing, Camping / Hiking / being in the outdoors, Building Projects / Home improvement,Performing/Entertaining – as a frontman, Vocalist and Instrumentalist with a specialty in German Folk and Dance music