Bio Photo of Elizabeth Walters

Elizabeth Walters

Corporate Controller

Nickname – “Lisa”

I began my career in the financial services industry with this firm in 1989.   Just a two person office at the time and I learned and took the lead of every role.  After obtaining a BS in Finance, I obtained securities licenses and turned my career toward the necessary compliance sector within the company.  In 2010, my focus changed to corporate operations and working closely with the principals, I presently act as the firm’s office manager and controller.  I live in Sierra Madre with my husband, Jon, and our two daughters, Margaret and Ava.  We enjoy traveling, camping/RVing, and entertaining together.

“That’s what he/she said”


– everyone

What do you like about working at Bridge?
Being part of something from its inception. As a part of its numerous changes, I know our history.  Learning and shaping from our past has created an amazing group.

What’s your background?
I worked part time for the firm’s mentor company in the 80s while attending college and found that the environment shaped my college major and career decision.

What are the Bridge Advisory Core Values that drive you?

Your top three favorite Podcasts/Books?
The Book Thief, Glass Castle, Hunger Games Series

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
I garden, cook, and do home improvement type projects, unless we’re out of town.  We like to get away for weekends to local mountains, beaches, and deserts whenever possible.

What are you looking forward to?
Having my daughters finish college and becoming self-sufficient, fulfilled, and empowered!

What makes you smile?
My family  My husband, Jon, two daughters, Margaret and Ava, and our Rottweiler, Gina.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
How much are we talking?  Offer peace of mind to some friends and family, donate, or create a cause, save for the future.  Travel to determine our second home location, and travel for the sake of travel!

What’s the best adventure you’ve taken? Or favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Our most recent family adventure was to Kauai in May, 2022.  We hiked the Kalalau Trail which was so very rewarding and beautiful.