Who We Are

I started Bridge in 1997 because I wanted to manage people’s money in a new way. I didn’t want to charge commissions, or get compensated for selling financial products. I wanted to build wealth for my clients and make money when they made money. Adopting an entirely fee-based model at the time was still groundbreaking, believe me. Most of the industry was not prepared to leave commissions behind. As a former professional baseball player, I learned quickly about money management and the pitfalls of bad and often biased advice. At Bridge, we want to do well because you do well. We come to work everyday with that idea in mind. Come join us, and let’s do well together.

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Our Core Values

Our goal is that every action on behalf of clients, however small, be guided directly by our values. We’ve spent a lot of time defining them so they can define us as we grow. Best practices start with the best values. These are ours:

— Be Positive.
— Be Client Focused.
— Be Good Stewards.
— Be Excellent.
— Be Straightforward & Accountable.
— Be Thoughtful & Thorough.

Our Philosophy

We’re in this for the long haul. We’re not traders. We’re investors. As with so many things, patience pays when it comes to your money. We build diversified portfolios and take every advantage we can get, with low fees, diligent tax strategies, and true diversification. We don’t chase returns. We try to see what’s ahead and position our clients to profit before the herd moves in. And we tell you everything we’re doing because in this business, you’re nothing if you’re not transparent.

Focus Areas

At Bridge, we believe in financial planning. Every new client gets a financial plan, a roadmap. That means learning everything we can about your financial life, from subjects as grand as having a child, to the seemingly mundane, like whether you need an umbrella insurance policy. We want to know everything, big and small. We’ll sit with you for as long as it takes, because if we don’t know you, we can’t manage your financial life.

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The Accountancy *

To manage wealth, one must manage taxes. Doing one without the other makes for an incomplete financial plan.

This year, we partnered with The Accountancy, a firm that’s been based in Los Angeles since the 1940s. Tax partners at The Accountancy go beyond the four corners of your return.

They see every line item as a chance to ask questions and develop strategy from one year to the next. They are proactive about leveraging every advantage in the tax code, many of which are hidden.

They don’t want you to pay a dollar more than you owe, in full compliance with the law.

* Bridge Advisory and The Accountancy have a reciprocal referral relationship. For more information on this relationship please reference Bridge Advisory’s ADV Part 2, which is available here or requesting a copy by contacting our office.